Kathleen McDonagh

December 13, 2022

Photo of Kathleen McDonagh

A biography. The life experience and memory of Kathleen McDonagh

Kathleen known fondly as Cathy was born and raised in CarrigByrne ,but always had
a curiosity to travel and see the world. She was a teacher and taught in England and
spent a number of years living and teaching in New Zealand where she shared her
favourite memories of a beautiful country ,with the exception of her dislike for the
lamb dinners that she was supposedly fed day and night.
Kathleen was always a very stylish lady, who loved fashion and jewellery. She always
took great pride in her personal appearance. When she returned to Ireland, she took
it upon herself to leave the world of education and changed her career more in line
with her passions. She became a beautician and went on to establish her own
business in Dublin.
She loved art ,and had a beautiful collection of paintings and antiques some of which
she had restored herself.
Reading was another passion but always uplifting, positive books and never saw the
sense in reading anything dark or gloomy. Cathy was a keen gardener, especially fond
of roses and kept a pristine garden at her home in ballylennen which she was
exceptionally proud of.
She showed great strength of character in accepting her diagnosis of MS with dignity
and without complaint, instead, she was instrumental in establishing a very
successful MS association in Wexford. She did trojan work and travelled to Dublin
and Europe for meetings and conferences on a regular basis to build up this society
receiving numerous awards for her work . She will be missed in the MS society, as
well as by her very close friends who she cherished and remained in contact with for
many years and who always spent time visiting her in her later years.
Cathy loved to chat, had a brilliant sense of humour with her sarcastic wit always
providing great entertainment to those around her, she loved a good laugh and joke .
She particularly lit up in the company of others and we will all miss her deeply.