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Why Choose a Dedicated Memorial Page for Your Loved Ones?

At OurPreciousMemories.com, we offer a heartfelt way to create an everlasting tribute for your loved ones. Immortalize their stories, cherished memories, and legacy through a personalized memorial page.

Unlocking the Stories Behind the Headstones

Have you ever strolled through a cemetery, gazing at the headstones of your ancestors, and wondered about the lives they led? Perhaps you never had the chance to meet them, or you were too young to truly get to know them. What do you typically find? A name, a date of birth, a date of passing – but very little about the person behind the stone, their passions, dislikes, hobbies, friends, family, and work life.

Bringing Memories to Life

We believe that memories are meant to be shared and cherished by generations to come. If you’ve lost someone special and want to leave a legacy of meaningful memories, this is the place to express your love and share your cherished recollections for your children and their children.

Personalized, Shared, and Timeless

With our service, you can personalize the content, allowing families to contribute their own precious memories of your loved ones. Friends and family can revisit the past, listen to stories, view photos, and take a journey back in time with a simple scan of your unique QR Plate.

What’s Included?

  • A QR Plate suitable for outdoor installation on any flat surface, complete with adhesive and installation instructions.
  • A Dedicated Memorial Page that you can begin to customize with name, photos, stories, and immediately share with friends and family, ensuring your loved one’s memory lives on: View Sample Memorial Page.
  • 1 Year of page hosting for your Dedicated Memorial Page.

Give your loved ones the honor they deserve. Create a timeless tribute, share stories, and connect generations with OurPreciousMemories.com.

QR Plate

Silver (5cm x 5cm)

Page Hosting

12 Months