Precious Memories of Your Loved Ones, Forever.

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At Our Precious Memories, we understand that the memories of your loved ones are priceless. That’s why we have created a unique way to keep those memories alive and easily accessible, anytime, anywhere.

Unique QR Plate

Access the Stories Behind the Headstones.

Receive a unique QR Plate suitable for outdoor installation on any flat surface, complete with adhesive and installation instructions.

Dedicated Memorial Page

Preserve and Share the Precious Memories.

One place to access and manage all the precious memories of your loved one, such as photos and stories, by scanning your unique QR Plate with any mobile device.

How It Works

1. Order Your Unique QR Plate

It’s easy to attach to a headstone, plaque, or any flat surface with the provided adhesive.

2. Create Your Memorial Page

After ordering, you can immediately personalize your dedicated memorial page online.

3. Share and Cherish Memories

Connect with family and friends, ensuring your cherished moments are never forgotten.

Common Questions

To order a Unique QR Plate, simply click on the “ADD TO CART” button and complete the checkout. You will be prompted for your email, shipping address, and payment method.

After completing your purchase, you will receive a welcome email with instructions to set your account password.

Once you have set a password for your account, you can click the “MY ACCOUNT” button and login with your new account credentials, where you can immediately personalize your Dedicated Memorial Page online.

The QR Plate can be easily attached to a headstone, plaque, or any flat surface using the provided adhesive. Installation instructions are included, making it a straightforward process.

The Dedicated Memorial Page includes space for the name, photos, and stories of your loved one.

After ordering, you can personalize it online, allowing family and friends to contribute their own memories.

Visit the Sample Memorial Page for an example.

Accessing the memories is simple – just scan the Unique QR Plate with any mobile device. This enables easy sharing and ensures that the cherished moments are never forgotten, creating a meaningful tribute.

And until your QR Code plate arrives, you can already share with Friends and Family, just use the “VIEW” link as you edit your Dedicated Memorial Page, and then click the “SHARE MEMORIAL” button that appears at the bottom of the memorial page.

Our Dedicated Memorial Page offers a heartfelt and timeless tribute by immortalizing not only basic information but also the stories, passions, and cherished memories of your loved ones.

It provides a personalized, shared, and lasting legacy for generations to come.

There is no additional renewal fee for the first 12 months of hosting.

However, after this period, we offer the option to renew the hosting for a nominal yearly fee. This fee ensures that we, as a company, have the necessary funds to operate long-term, safeguarding your family history and memories for the future.

Unlike other companies that may not charge a yearly fee, there is a risk that they won’t be able to afford to operate, and your precious memories and photos could disappear at any time.

Our commitment is to provide a lasting tribute for your loved ones without unexpected costs and with the assurance of continued accessibility, ensuring that future generations can learn and appreciate their family history.

Yes, we offer discounts for extended hosting durations to provide you with even more savings.

Here are the options:

– 1 Year: €29.99 per year
– 2 Years: €27.99 per year (€55.98) – Save (-6.5%)
– 3 Years: €25.99 per year (€77.97) – Save more (-13%)
– 5 Years: €22.99 per year (€114.95) – Save even more (-23%)
– 10 Years: €19.99 per year (€199.90) – Maximum savings (-33%)

These discounted rates allow you to continue preserving and sharing memories at a reduced cost over a longer duration. Select the option that best suits your preferences and maximizes your savings.

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